Requirements of an Honor Society


An honor society is a rank organization that is used to recognize excellence among many peers. There are various fields and circumstances of honor society such as the order of the Arrow which is a national honor society of the Boy Scouts of America. Honor society existed so as to enhance academic and profession success and connect the society with the people who have opportunities in order to help them achieve their goals. The honor society shares love to the community so as to help the achievers to build relationships with similar values driven and goal-oriented people and organization. As the honor society grows it has become extremely important to the society at as it defines the core values of the society for the purpose of simplicity and explicitly that helps all the members of the society or community to develop a good culture, mission and vision.


Most of the honor societies invites students to become members who are ranked on a scholastic way or in a grade point averages so as to impact discipline on the thus the honor society provides recognition to the society. In the case of academic achievement, the honor society will not allow criterion for membership for there are some requirements that are needed such as completion of a particular ceremony and training program. One can only qualify if he or she has met all the requirements though some honor society invites members only when they have been allowed to accept unsolicited applications.


The membership of an honor society is considered exclusively such that members who belong to that organization are not allowed to join other honor societies that represent the same field as the organization that you belong. The academic robes and regalia which are services or fundraiser of honor societies are being identified by the color of degree, school and other distinction that are controlled under rules of a voluntary intercollegiate code. There are various colored devices in honor society such as stoles, cords, scarfs, medallions and tassels which are used to indicate membership in a student's' honor society. The most often used devices are cords and mortarboard tassels which are used to indicate membership. Click here!


Many institutions such as colleges and universities allow honor cards, medallions and tassels to be used by the members of honor society while stoles they are not very common for they are available for a few honor societies. Not every honor societies have chosen such colors of the academic robes and regalia though they sell these items of accessory as service to the honor societies. Watch this video at for more details about education.

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